Tips for Cooking With Your BBQ in the Winter

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor grill, you know the unfortunate feeling of having to pack it away for the cold winter months. However, the savoury taste of honey-glazed pork chops and roasted ears of corn doesn’t have to be exclusive for sizzling summer months. Having an outdoor grill gives you the luxury of having delicious BBQ’ed food all year round, even in the winter. Stick to these winter grilling tips and you’ll be enjoying your BBQ in every kind of weather.

Heat Things Up

Whether you’re looking to buy a new grill or you’re already a proud owner, it’s important to make sure it will have good heating qualities to help with cold weather cooking. Gas grills are top contenders when it comes to heating up quickly which will also help keep you out of the cold longer. Look for a BBQ with a good hood that will keep heat in and features a built-in thermometer. Remember to be patient. Allow your grill to heat up to the desired temperature before cooking. You’ll save time and cook your food safely.

Be Prepared

One of the joys of summer cooking is feasting on all sorts of grill-worthy foods. Whether you’re cooking steaks or vegetable skewers, prepare the food beforehand to avoid shivering in the cold. Marinate any meat ahead of time instead of applying BBQ sauce and spices outside, season vegetables and wrap baked potatoes in foil so everything is ready to be popped on the grill and left to sizzle away. If you’re planning on being outside for long periods of time while cooking, make sure to protect your hands and head as you may be at risk of frostbite.

Maintain Your Grill

While scooping up your food from the BBQ and heading inside right away seems like the best case scenario, your grill still needs a little love before closing up shop. Make sure to clean your BBQ thoroughly after every use so you can avoid having to do so the next time you fire it up. Also keep a stocked supply of propane or charcoal to avoid having half-cooked food in the dead of winter. There’s nothing worse than biting into a poorly-cooked steak with a rumbling tummy.

Get Creative

Every season brings new market-fresh foods to enjoy. Whether you’re grilling zucchini in the summer or roasting butternut squash in the fall get inspired by the various seasonal foods available to you. You can even go as far to make yummy BBQ s’mores in the winter. How fun!