Come discover our Delicatessen, which carries the largest assortment of cold cuts in th e Outaouais region. Our staff will be pleased to serve your cold cuts and fresh cheese upon your request. The Deli also offers a sandwich counter as well as a take-out counter.

Cold Cuts

Our store carries a large assortment of cold cuts. Whatever quantity you require, you will find it at the Delicatessen.


  • German
  • ALPINA German
  • ALPINA Hot Hungarian
  • Wine cheese
  • PILLER’S Peppercorn Salami
  • Red wine
  • PILLER’S Squares
  • Mexican
  • Mild Hungarian
  • Caliente
  • Salsa
  • SCHNEIDERS Tzigane
  • Summer sausage
  • MASTRO Mild Capicollo
  • MASTRO Hot Capicollo
  • PARMA Mild Capicollo
  • PARMA Hot Capicollo
  • Mortadelle San Danielle
  • PARMA Proscuitto
  • MASTRO Hot Genoa
  • Soppressata Calabrese
  • Grisson
  • Regular Mortadelle
  • Proscuitto
  • Pancetta


  • MAPLE LEAF Wax Bologna
  • OLYMEL Garlic Bologna

Meat substitute

  • Mortadella

Cooked Ham

  • Le baron
  • ALPINA White Ham
  • Wonderbar
  • Chef Georges
  • Bout gras Schneiders
  • T.Eiffel Bretagne
  • T.Eiffel Parisian Ham
  • Maple Leaf Uncured Baked Ham
  • Jambonneau brandit
  • Le Baron Chopped Ham
  • Brandt’s Black Forest
  • Bretagne White
  • Honey & Garlic

Smoked Ham

  • Virginie Old-Fashioned
  • Virginie Black Forest
  • MAPLE LEAF Country Kitchen
  • Brandt’s Honey Maple
  • Brandt’s Polish
  • Des Vosges
  • Lifestyle
  • Maple Leaf Natural Black Forest
  • T.Eiffel Black Forest
  • M.L. Country Kitchen Black Forest
  • Jambons d’Antan
  • Peppercorn Ham


  • Lesters Eye of Round Pastrami
  • Virginie Eye of Round Pastrami
  • Lesters Roast Beef
  • Homemade Garlic Roast Pork
  • Schneiders Roast Pork
  • Lesters Smoked Meat
  • Montréal Smoked pork meat
  • Old-Fashioned Smoked Beef
  • Compliments Roast Beef
  • Compliments Garlic Roast Pork
  • Italian Porcetta Roast Pork
  • Virginie Smoked Meat
  • MASTRO Porchetta
  • Lesters Peppered Roast Beef
  • Naturel Roast Beef

Meat loaf

  • Schneiders Delicia
  • Schneiders Mac-Cheese
  • Brandt’s Olive and Pimento
  • Brandt with pepper
  • Bacon and Ham
  • Brandt’s Kolbassa
  • Brandt Pizza
  • Brandt Krakovska Ham
  • Beerwurst Sausage


  • Lesters Black Pizza
  • 3 Poivres Lesters
  • Lesters All Beef
  • Schneiders All Beef
  • Lesters Salami
  • T. Eiffel Parisian Salami
  • T. Eiffel Garlic Salami


  • Compliments
  • Butterball
  • Classic Flamingo
  • Lifestyle Schneiders
  • M.L. Natural Selection
  • Olymel Montreal Style
  • Turkey Dijon

Smoked Turkey

  • Compliments fumées
  • Classic Flamingo
  • Smoked Meat
  • Oven-Roasted Turkey
  • Basil & Tomatoe
  • Turkey Dijon


  • Maple Lodge
  • Cajun
  • Natural
  • Thai
  • Herbs & Lime

Smoked Chicken

  • Maple lodge
  • Oven-Roasted
  • Compliments Fajitas
  • M.L. Natural Oven-Roasted


Our store carries an assortment of over 100 types of cheese at a very good price. Visit us to discover our St-Albert cheese and those from “La Trappe à fromage” – always fresh and delicious. We carry several types of Quebec cheese waiting to be discovered. Prepared Sandwiches Our sandwiches are prepared on-site. We carry a large assortment that will satisfy children’s and adult’s lunch: a perfect last-minute solution. We also offer various types of pizzas. They only need to be placed in the oven for a few minutes and dinner is ready.

Prepared Meals

We cook a vast selection of prepared meals – available in both individual or family-size – such as lasagna, macaroni with meat sauce, spaghetti, Chinese macaroni, chicken with gravy, chicken rice, shepherd’s pie, and steak burgers.

Prepared Salads

We also carry all types of prepared salads such as: macaroni; potato; creamy coleslaw; traditional coleslaw; couscous; penne pesto; Pollock; carrot; bruschetta; chicken couscous; bacon and cheese potato; chick pea; tabbouleh; tuna; ham; gourmet chicken; couscous with five vegetables; couscous with sundried tomatoes; shell and bacon; and cherry tomato. Monique Morissette has been the department’s manager for 10 years. She looks forward to serve you and will ensure your full satisfaction.