Our birthday cakes & cupcakes are delicious and they look good too!

Welcome to our Bakery department, house of delicious birthday cakes and awesome cupcakes. On this page, you’ll find out about our various types of birthday cakes (that you can personalize), our baguettes, and our famous cupcakes, baked and served with love. Our Bakery’s staff hopes to fully satisfy your needs. Visit us to discover our wide assortment of store-baked bread, desserts, and pastries. We also have cakes ready to take with you, birthday cakes, as well as theme cakes for each special occasion like Halloween, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day, etc.

So if you have any questions, or simply want to order a birthday cake, don’t hesitate to call our store.

Will you have a birthday cake or a cupcake?

cupcakesFor your birthday and special occasions, discover our personalized delicious cupcakes, which have been frosted with the same icing as our cakes. We accept all orders received at the store or by telephone with a 48-hour notice. Here are our various cupcake options.

*Buttercream icing can also be used for cupcake frosting.

birthday cakePut a Smile on Your Child’s Face with Personalized Birthday Cakes Featuring Their Favorite Movie Heroes!

Our fresh and soft cakes are frosted with whipped icing known for its lightness and great taste. We accept all birthday cake and cupcakes orders received at the store or by telephone with a 24-hour notice.

Here is our assortment of cakes followed by a catalogue of our various toys and images.

Portions Size Available Flavours Price Optional
6 to 8 people Round cake 7’’ Vanilla Chocolate $11.99 Flowers only
8 to 10 people Round cake 8’’ Vanilla Chocolate Or 1 chocolate layer and 1 vanilla layer $16.99 Flowers or images/toys ($10.00)
15 to 20 people ¼ slab 1 layer Vanilla Chocolate ½ ½ $21.99 Flowers or images/toys ($10.00)
15 to 20 people ¼ slab 2 layers Vanilla Chocolate ½ ½ $25.99 Flowers or images/toys ($10.00)
30 to 50 people ¾ slab 1 layer Vanilla Chocolate ½ ½ $33.99 Flowers or images/toys ($10.00)

What would a bakery be without Baguettes?

Aside from our awesome birthday cakes and cupcakes, you can visit us to discover our warm baguettes right out of the oven. The on-site baked baguettes are crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. You can also call us 15 minutes in advance to reserve your baguette.

baguette-imageHere is our assortment of baguettes:

  • Ciabatta
  • Europeens
  • Parisian bread
  • Premières Moissons
  • Traditional White Baguettes
  • Whole Wheat Baguette

Lucille Beaudry, the department’s manager, has been a pastry chef for 28 years. She looks forward to serve you by making good use of her pastry expertise.

Gatineau Fidelice Cakes

We carry several cakes from the Gatineau Fidélice bakery in our own Bakery. Here is our selection from their products.