Marché Laflamme’s Mission

Our goal is to offer renowned and excellent customer service as well as provide fresh and good quality produce to ensure a memorable experience.

Marché Laflamme’s Story

Marché Laflamme in GatineauThe year 1942 marked the beginning of the Laflamme family in the food industry. Henri Laflamme bought his first convenience store in the Hull sector, at the corner of Berri and Dumas streets and, 10 years later, he opened his first IGA supermarket located at 2018 St-Joseph Boulevard. In 1955, he acquired the one in Val-Tétreau. He eventually sold the latter when he retired in 1976, 11 years after settling in Place Cartier.

In the 1940s, Henri and his son Jean-Paul used to go to the Ottawa market to get fresh fruits and vegetables for their horse business. That son decided, with the help of his brother Jean-Pierre, to take over the IGA in Place Cartier. Grocery Store Marché LaflammeOn the other hand, supermarkets were not the only businesses Henri owned in Hull. Founded in 1959 by Henri Laflamme, the Marché Laflamme was the only IGA in Aylmer. This one was taken over by Henri’s son in 1977, that is, Jean-Paul and Jean-Pierre Laflamme.

Marché Laflamme Official OpeningFollowing the decision of its new owner Marius Laflamme – Jean-Paul’s son – to become a stand-alone company in 1993, Marché Laflamme managed to survive the competitive market, it being recognized for its excellent service. In 2008, renovations were undertaken to give the grocery store an even more welcoming and modern appearance and atmosphere. Marché Laflamme has since been known for its family atmosphere and for its outstanding customer service.

Marché Laflamme in Aylmer, GatineauIn 2013, it won four prices at “The Best of Aylmer” contest published by Bulletin D’Aylmer, i.e.: 1st prize for best grocery store, 1st prize for best employer, 2nd prize for best customer service, and 2nd prize for the freshest produce. Marché Laflamme is still, even now, nicknamed the “Le Petit IGA [the little IGA]”.

The Laflamme family has operated the business since 1959. Marius Laflamme – 3rd generation owner – is now happy to know that his daughter, Myriam Laflamme, is pursuing her studies in Business Administration so that one day she can follow in the footsteps of the Laflammes in the food industry and as such become the 4th generation of Marché Laflamme.