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Ditching Tradition: Having Cupcakes At Your Wedding

Having a tall, white, fondant-covered wedding cake is a long-standing tradition, and so is the cake-cutting ceremony you perform as a newly married couple. However, recently a lot of brides have been breaking tradition and incorporating a little more fun in their wedding dessert of choice: cupcakes.

These days where brides are breaking tradition in just about every way imaginable – wearing coloured dresses, getting married outside instead of in a church and even seeing the groom before the wedding (gasp!) – it makes sense many women are also choosing to go an alternative route for their wedding cake.

If you think about it, cupcakes are a great option to feed a large crowd at weddings. Here are some of the reasons why cupcakes are steadily gaining ground as the popular choice:

Cost. The cost of wedding cakes is cringe-worthy, especially since you’ll only have it for a few hours before it’s devoured. Cupcakes, on the other hand, can be a much more affordable option.

Because it takes much less skill and time to decorate buttercream cupcakes than it does to assemble a four-tier cake covered in fondant and sugar flowers, you save money on labour costs. Also, you can order exactly as many as you need, instead of guessing serving sizes and ordering an extra tier just in case.

Easily feed a crowd. Gone are the days of guests having to wait in line for a slice of cake: with cupcakes, servers can just bring the individual little cakes right to the tables, making dessert much less of a hassle. If you find you really want to keep the cake-cutting tradition, get a tiny cake for you and your groom and cut that before you serve the cupcakes.

Variety. Getting multiple flavours of cake in a traditional cake is possible, but it’ll cost you. Getting multiple flavours with cupcakes, however, is a breeze. Vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, lemon – get as many flavours as you want!

Decorating. Since cupcakes are basically individual canvases for the decorators to work with, you have a lot more leeway with what they look like. You can incorporate your wedding colours – think yellow and blue frosted cupcakes, – your theme or whatever else you’d like without it looking gaudy or over the top. Let’s face it, a four-foot cake with yellow and blue frosting and starfish all over it might be a bit of an eyesore, but with smaller cupcakes, it’ll just look cute.