Have a Very Merry BBQ in Gatineau This Year!

It’s winter in Gatineau. Naturally, you miss your BBQ – both the simple act of cooking a meal on the grill, and the taste of your perfectly charbroiled food. Why not reunite with your BBQ for the most important meal of the year? Christmas dinner!

While a BBQ in Gatineau at this time of year may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a meal for your holiday guests, the Christmas season can actually be a great opportunity to make use of your most beloved cooking tool. Since this is likely unfamiliar territory, here are some suggestions and tips for easing into your first Christmas BBQ in Gatineau.

Grill the main event!

Making use of the BBQ to grill your main dish leaves the oven free for side dishes and desserts, and gives you an excuse to leave the room when Uncle Rob starts singing carols.

When it comes to Christmas dinner, unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan, meat is usually the star of the show. A turkey can be cooked using a BBQ, and you may even find it easier and less time consuming than using your oven! Just be sure to use the indirect method of grilling by turning off the burners directly below the turkey, while the burners on either side are left on. You can even use a disposal drip pan to catch the drippings for gravies and sauces!

You should also keep in mind that the shining star of your holiday feast doesn’t have to be a turkey. Perhaps a perfectly grilled steak or delicious BBQ salmon could steal the show this year!

Grill your sides

If you can’t fathom the idea of not having a traditionally cooked turkey, just like your mom used to make, how about grilling your sides? Delicious grilled veggies could take the place of your aunt’s green bean casserole, and roasted potatoes in place of your usual mashed are a great alternative!

Simply coat your veggies or potatoes in oil, toss in your favourite seasoning, and grill on skewers, in a grill basket, or wrapped in foil!

BBQ a unique dessert

Anyone is capable of buying another yule log. Why not think outside the box, and bring your sweets to the grill? Almost any desert that can be cooked in an oven can be cooked on a BBQ, but a BBQ can add unique flavours that you won’t find in the kitchen. Consider grilling fruit for dessert, or making s’mores on the BBQ!

No longer are BBQs in Gatineau for summer use only! If you can bear the cold weather, your BBQ can be a helpful tool in cooking a delicious Christmas feast! Create a unique holiday experience that your family will remember for years. Who knows, an Annual BBQ in Gatineau (or anywhere for the matter) could become your newest Christmas tradition!