Non-Traditional BBQ Dishes To Try

When you think of BBQ you probably think of burgers, hot dogs, beer, king sized feasts and all the usual fixings. While all the usual suspects are great, if you’re looking to really wow your guests, you’ve got to think outside the burger. Try one of the unusual grilling ideas below and take advantage of the versatile power of your BBQ.


Grilling fruit might sound strange, I know; but the truth is many fruits are actually perfect for grilling! Because most fruits are made up of mostly water and sugar the grilling process can actually enhance their flavor. The heat causes the water to reduce and the sugar to caramelize – which concentrates the flavor to create an even more delicious taste!

 Grilling Tips:

  • Fruit doesn’t take long to grill – so don’t keep it on for too long. Be especially watchful when you are using softer fruits such as peaches or plums, as prolonged heat can cause a mushy texture. If you are using a soft fruit, you can also try grilling via indirect heat, such as a grill rack.
  • To enhance the flavor even further try marinating the fruit in juices, alcohol, olive oil, water and/or spices such as sugar, cinnamon or nutmeg before grilling.
  • Grilled fruit is the tip of the BBQ dessert iceberg – cakes, pies, cookies and all your other favourite sweets can be grilled too!


Did you know you can actually grill cheese? Now, you may be wondering, but won’t it melt? The good news is there is a selection of cheeses that have a high heat tolerance and can indeed be grilled! One of the most popular grilling cheeses is “halloumi”. Halloumi originated in Cyprus and is typically made from a mixture of cow’s and goat’s milk. Its high melting point is derivative of its creation process – where it’s poached in whey. As a result, heating halloumi creates a chewy and pliable piece, and grilling it on the BBQ makes for distinctive salty taste – similar to mozzarella and equally, if not more, delicious!

Grilling Tip:

  • For a meat free option, alternate veggies and halloumi to make a delicious grilled kabob!


When you think of a BBQ you likely don’t think of tofu – but you should! If you’re hosting a large gathering it’s important to have vegetarian options on the menu.

Grilling Tips:

  • Tofu can stick to your BBQ, so make sure to prepare your grill with cooking spray or oil.
  • Try marinating with your favourite sauce and spices for at least 30 minutes prior to cooking to optimize flavour.

Next time you’re hosting a BBQ think outside the burgers, beer, king sized feasts and ordinary desserts; surprise your guests’ taste buds with some of these great grill alternatives!